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Maintenance Service Agreements:
We understand that many of our clients are responsible for overseeing multiple types of environments that include a range of different equipment.  TCP offers annual and multi-annual maintenance and service agreements which we tailor to meet your specific requirements.  We design our maintenance contracts to guarantee the quality, safety, efficiency and reliability of your critical power systems.  Furthermore, we meticulously document all maintenance visits and service calls to ensure that we always provide you with superior service.  With TCP as your service provider, you may rest assured in the dependability of your critical power equipment.

Preventative Maintenance Services:
TCP performs preventative maintenance inspections on a semiannual, quarterly or monthly basis to ensure the optimum operation of your mission-critical equipment.  During these inspections, our skilled field engineers will thoroughly test, inspect and calibrate the entire system according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Repair and Emergency Services:
We at TCP offer 24 hour on-call service and support which is available 365 days per year.  We guarantee a 15 minute callback with a four hour maximum onsite response to all of our customers with maintenance service agreements.

Time and Material Services:
TCP also provides one-time preventative maintenance service or Time and Material services without a contract.  In this circumstance, labor charges are portal-to-portal in addition to materials.

New and Refurbished Equipment Sales and Installation:
If you need equipment to solve a power quality problem, TCP can provide the following new & refurbished equipment:

  • Uninterruptible Power Systems
  • Line Conditioners
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors
  • Flooded and Sealed Cell Batteries
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Battery Monitoring Systems

Battery Replacement:
Batteries are the weakest link in a backup power system.  It is vital to regularly test and maintain this often overlooked critical component.  Ignoring battery maintenance can lead to costly downtime.  A recent study by the Electric Power Research Institute found that U.S. businesses lose around $50 billion per year due to power outages.  

Our skilled engineers can detect problematic batteries before any equipment failures occur.  TCP provides complete battery string maintenance and replacement and also offers redundant solutions for added protection or increased backup time.  In addition, TCP offers quick turnaround time on any replacement batteries to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly.  If your batteries are over five years old, or if you suspect a problem with your batteries, please contact us for an inspection as soon as possible.

Equipment Removal and Disposal:
If you have systems or batteries that have reached the end of their service life or are simply unused, TCP can shutdown, disconnect and remove such equipment safely and efficiently.  At TCP, we believe in doing our part in preserving the environment.  Therefore, you may rest assured in knowing that we will remove and recycle any old batteries and equipment in an environmentally friendly manner.